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Our Impact

Siya is a former Tyume Valley student who gained a BCom degree in Accounting from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, where he received an Outstanding Student award. He now lives in Port Elizabeth where he is a trainee accountant in a major international firm.
Siya "I want to thank TVS for enabling my dreams and always going the extra mile to help kids from underprivileged areas like me..... Know that with every initiative or project, it is unlocking a child’s potential to be great.

I still remember as if it was yesterday when we had our first exciting English lesson at Ncere Zantsi Primary School catered for by TVS. Visitors from the UKk would always visit our school and have exciting and fun engagements with us, which encouraged me at a very young age to love education. When I was in Grade 5, TVS started offering computer literacy skills. This was (and still is) an amazing initiative ...... I am now able to operate a computer, analyse data and do all sorts of things related to my work. Computers are things we never afforded at home and we always saw on TV hence being afforded the opportunity to use them inspired me and introduced me to a new work. "

School leavers success!

For two years now, Tyume Valley secondary schools have come very close to the national average in the percentage of pupils passing the National School Certificate (Matriculation) exam. The average across Tyume schools was 70% in both 2016 and 2017, compared with a national average of 70% in 2016 and 75% in 2017. Tyume Valley results are now higher than the rest of the Fort Beaufort Educational District, where the average school pass rate was only 50% (2016) and 60% (2017).

When TVS first started working in secondary schools in 2012, the average local school pass rate was only 49% - so last year’s 70% pass rate is a great achievement. Moreover, despite the falling population, the total number of students who passed the exam rose from 155 in 2012 to 193 in 2017. Many congratulations to all our secondary schools and our thanks to all the staff and volunteers who have made this happen!
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