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Growing up in a Xhosa Village  

Growing up in a Xhosa Village

Archie Sibeko with Joyce Leeson

TVS' president Archie Sibeko (Zola Zembe) has written a fascinating account of his childhood in Kwezana, one of the villages in Tyume Valley. Kwezana is one of the schools that TVS works with.

Archie has written the book so that younger generations can understand the traditional ways of Xhosa life - the seasonal rhythems of farming, the homesteads and the celebrations that bought villagers together. It is a unique and fascinating account of a fast-disappearing world - as Archie says 'it is a piece of our history that should not be lost and forgotten'.
£10 plus £5 p+p (within the UK).
Freedom in our Lifetime  

Freedom in our Lifetime

Archie Sibeko with Joyce Leeson

This is Archie's Autobiography. It describes the South Africa he grew up in; his involvement in the liberation movement before the ANC sent him into exile. He was a commander in MK, the ANC liberation before he took up the struggle against apartheid through the British and international trades union movement.

£10 plus £5 p+p (within the UK).
A fighting Union  

A Fighting Union

Margaret Kiloh and Archie Sibeko

An oral history of the South African Railway and Harbout Workers Union. SARHWU is one of the oldest trades unions in South Africa. It did not just fight for workers' rights – better wages and job security, for example. Because the railway and harbour workers were employed by the state, the campaigns of their trade union were inextricably linked to the political struggle against apartheid. No suprise then that many members and leaders of the SARHWUbecame members and leaders of the ANC.

£10 plus £5 p+p (within the UK).

All proceeds go to Tyume Valley Schools

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