School Partnerships

TVS encourages and supports partnerships between UK and Tyume Valley schools. Formal partnerships link Tyume Valley schools and children to the wider world, help raise educational standards and promote teachers’ professional development. Educational objectives are central to school partnerships – any fundraising activities are secondary. TVS has helped a number of Tyume schools set up partnerships with UK schools; enabled children to exchange blogs and other communication; and enabled teacher visits and exchanges between partner schools. TVS currently supports partnerships between two UK schools:

  • Settle Primary School, North Yorkshire.
  • Bailiff Bridge School, Calderdale

Tyume Valley schools are keen to partner with UK schools and we will be delighted to help set these up.

Local South African partnerships

TVS is a founder member of two local partnerships. By working with local non-governmental organisations (NGOs), we aim to reach local communities and embed our experience and expertise in local organisations.

TVS is a founder member of the Archie Sibeko Rural Education Consortium. This covers the wider Amatole and Keiskammahoek districts. It includes NGOs with extensive track records of obtaining funding for, and delivering, a wide range of education programmes across rural areas. TVS leads the Consortium’s work on improving English teaching. Once it is registered in South Africa as a charity, the Consortium will be able to apply for funding from local charitable and government sources. In the longer term it will be able to draw on TVS’s experience in improving teaching and learning in English.

TVS is also a founder member of the newly re-established Ikhwezi, a Tyume Valley NGO with a broader focus on community development – of which education is a key element.