TVS works in partnership with other organisations in the UK and South Africa.

UK Partners

TVS is a member of the Small Charities Coalition and the Small International Development Charities Network. We are also an associate member of the Quaker Africa Interest Group.

South Africa Partners

In the year 2000, TVS was welcomed into the Tyume Valley by leading members of the local community, Chief Justice Mabandla, and former headmistress Winnie Maneli.

Since then, we have worked with traditional authorities and with the West Amathole District Education Department to support the schools and communities in the Tyume Valley. Over the years we have forged links with the principals and teachers in Tyume schools and made good friends in our joint mission to improve the education of their children. We are a founder member of two local partnerships – the Archie Sibeko Rural Education Consortium and the newly re-established Ikhwezi, a Tyume Valley NGO with a broader focus on community development – of which education is a key element. By working with local NGOs, businesses, and traditional authorities we aim to reach local communities and embed our experience and expertise in local organisations.

Funding Partners

The following organisations have kindly supported our efforts in cash or in kind

The Solon Foundation South Africa

Promoting education, international friendship and understanding, and world peace and development.

London Rotary International with Buffalo Toyota East London

Buffalo Toyota East London

A charitable initiative of the Reed Foundation, which each year enables small donors to compete for funds, which are then matched by the Reed Foundation.