A Fresh Start for Schools

The educational impact of the Covid pandemic has not gone away. If anything, it is now worse. During the pandemic many rural children received little or no education. When they returned to school their teachers were overwhelmed by the backlog. Learners are now presenting for TVS programmes who are unable to read and write even in their own language. One afternoon a week at the Learning Centre is simply not enough to provide the support needed so TVS is introducing a new FreshStart initiative for primary schools.

Starting with four selected flagship schools the programme will provide intensive training for teachers and TVS Learning Support Assistants. The LSAs will be deployed directly to schools where they will work with class teachers for four days a week to deliver customised lessons in reading, English Language and Maths.

Once these schools have built up their expertise the LSAs will move on to another four schools. The flagship schools will have a strong leadership role in demonstrating best practice across a network of schools and building up a learning culture which is not dependent on external support.