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  • June Newsletter

    June Newsletter

    Our June newsletter is out now. If you would like to sponsor Woodie and Nellie (with their owners and friends!) on the 60 mile walk, you can do so here.

  • Twentieth Anniversary for TVS

    Twentieth Anniversary for TVS

    August 2023 will mark the twentieth anniversary of the first ever Study Camp held at the Hobbiton Outdoor Education Centre in Hogsback. In 2003, just nine years after the first non-racial democratic elections in South Africa, a group of UK teachers gave up their summer holiday to participate in an experiment in sharing teaching experiences…

  • A Fresh Start for Schools

    A Fresh Start for Schools

    The educational impact of the Covid pandemic has not gone away. If anything, it is now worse. During the pandemic many rural children received little or no education. When they returned to school their teachers were overwhelmed by the backlog. Learners are now presenting for TVS programmes who are unable to read and write even…

  • Developing a Reading Culture

    Developing a Reading Culture

    South African literacy experts believe that poor performance in reading is deeply entangled with the glaring social and political inequalities in South Africa where the daily lives of most children are fraught with poverty, hunger and uncertainty. Reading is often taught in schools in a highly technical way with no attention paid to the need…

  • A visit from SOLON

    A visit from SOLON

    On Friday the 7th May 2021, TVS enjoyed a site visit from one of our major partners, Mrs. Cecily Salmon of SOLON. Mrs. Cecily Salmon has been involved with TVS for several years and has met and visited with TVS chair members and staff on several occasions.

  • TVS Covid-19 Roadshow

    TVS Covid-19 Roadshow

    2020 has been a really challenging year for everyone. Due to the corona virus, schools were closed and volunteers could not go to South Africa. TVS has been unable to run its usual programme of English and IT classes, teacher training and study camps.

  • Walk for books – Donate now

    Walk for books – Donate now

    Stephanie and Geraldine are walking from London to Canterbury Cathedral, in the footsteps of pilgrims. The two retired teachers who love books and storytelling want to share this love with the children of Tyume Valley, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

  • March 2019 TVS Study Camp – Building on Techlearn

    March 2019 TVS Study Camp – Building on Techlearn

    TVS has long run study camps for primary school learners from Tyume Valley schools. Over a week two groups of children plus their teachers stay at Hobbiton Outdoor Activity Centre in nearby Hogsback for two and a half days each, enabling us to involve up to 100 children.

  • Introducing school leavers to IT-a continuing TVS success story

    Introducing school leavers to IT-a continuing TVS success story

    It may be surprising these days to come across teenagers who know less about computers than the older generation. But that’s the situation in Tyume Valley. Few families can afford computers or tablets and wifi/broadband connectivity is very poor.

  • IT Study Camp for school leavers December 2017

    IT Study Camp for school leavers December 2017

    IT Study Camp for school leavers December 2017 It’s about how to conquer your fears and try something new Confidence, team work, thinking outside the box.   Although TVS has an extensive IT programme for primary school children (more on this in a future blog), we are unable to work with many secondary school students.…