TVS’s vision is to improve the life chances of children in the remote and impoverished Tyume Valley, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. The area still carries many legacies of the former Apartheid era in the form of major social and economic inequalities; it has subsequently been affected by poor governance, HIV/AIDS and unemployment. Education is a vital element of rural development, both for individuals and the communities they live in. By providing teaching expertise and other educational resources, TVS improves the quality of children’s education and their opportunities, during their school lives and beyond.


TVS’ mission is to enhance educational opportunities and improve the life chances of children growing up in Tyume Valley, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. To do this, we provide additional resources, teaching and other learning opportunities, with a focus on:

Improving children's ability to read, write, speak, and understand English language.

Introducing children to basic IT skills and vocabulary.

Involving local teachers, schools principles and community members.

Promoting links between Tyume Valley schools and the wider world.


TVS celebrates and respects diversity in race, culture, faith and other beliefs, sexuality, abilities, gender and age.

TVS is committed to challenging disadvantage and inequality.

TVS is committed to equality in its provision of services and in all practices, policies and procedures, including recruitment, training, remuneration and promotion and any terms and conditions of employment/volunteering with the organisation. It is committed to a non-discriminatory working and service delivery environment. In line with these values, TVS does not charge fees to any schools or learners with whom it works.