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TechLearn Programme

Modules 1 and 2

Learners produce a Newsletter about their schools.

This involves English skills:
  • Discussing the Newsletter title and content; writing a list of the top five points about their school; producing words to construct a word search; writing an opinion piece about the school; writing a report on a book they have read; and editing and correcting their work.
  • Listening to a story and discussing the content.
  • Using Rapid Writing software to learn vocabulary, spelling, grammar and punctuation.
and Computer skills:
  • Introduction to basic keyboard and Word skills, including formatting text, cutting and pasting, inserting pictures and tables.

Module 3

Learners create and deliver a PowerPoint presentation about themselves.

This involves English skills:
  • Listening to a story or reading material related to the session content and discussing this with the teacher.
  • Developing and discussing the content of their Powerpoint slides; creating a template slide for each topic; practising presenting slides during weekly mini-presentations.
  • Completing homework sheets to improve vocabulary, spelling, grammar and punctuation
and Computer skills:
  • Introduction to basic PowerPoint skills including creating slides, saving a document, taking and inserting photographs using the computer, formatting text, cutting and pasting, basic design tools.
  • Giving Powerpoint presentations, with weekly practice sessions.
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