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TVS encourages links between UK and Tyume Valley schools. Formal links – partnerships – between UK and Tyume Valley schools can help raise educational standards in Tyume Valley and promote the professional development of teachers. Educational objectives are central to school linking; any fund-raising activities are secondary. TVS has helped a number of schools to set up partnerships with UK schools and enabled teacher exchanges between the partner schools.
Partnerships between UK and Tyume schools have many benefits:
  • They enable children in both schools to share experiences and learn about life in another country.
  • They offer opportunities and funding for teacher exchanges that enhance teachers’ experience and expand their skills.
  • They offer a focus for many aspects of the curriculum eg geography, religion, diversity, social justice, peace and conflict.
  • They can leave lasting legacies in the lives of children and teachers in both countries.
TVS will be delighted to help set up partnerships between Tyume Valley Schools and schools in the UK. Telephone and internet connections in Tyume are not always reliable, so please contact Jim Lewis headlewis2001@yahoo.co.uk Tel: 0114 2509174, if you need help to contact a Tyume Valley school.
You can download the Guide to setting up a School Partnership (pdf).