TVS Covid-19 Roadshow

“How Gogo got the virus” …. planning a workshop!

Many children were wandering round their villages with nothing to do or motivate them. A special “Rona” character mask was made by a local crafter in Hogsback and then donated to TVS.

2020 has been a really challenging year for everyone. Due to the corona virus, schools were closed and volunteers could not go to South Africa. TVS has been unable to run its usual programme of English and IT classes, teacher training and study camps but Lydene, our project worker in Tyume, got together with  teachers Vuvu Tomi, Nomonde Nelana and Luthando Tendani to determine what they could do. The result was the TVS Covid-19 Roadshow and our first attempt at online teacher training.

TVS Covid-19 Roadshow

“ A plan was hatched for TVS to operate independently from the schools to reach and teach the learners through an interactive, fun, educational roadshow using code-switching language techniques, ice breakers, drama, song and movement which could take place anywhere outdoors. It taught learners about how to deal with the disease and maintain healthy immune systems. It also provided a stipend for tutors who were struggling with unemployment during lockdown and for some to deal with the grieving process of recently losing loved ones to the virus. Tutors wore PPE and took the children’s temperatures as well as observing social distancing.“

Eight primary schools have participated so far, and it is hoped to add a further four in the next school term.


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